Jay and Bey - Music Royalty

Re: Jay and Bey - Music Royalty

Postby Mario Speedwagon » 16 Jul 2016, 04:39

I wish Beyonce would have a mental breakdown and become a recluse.

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Re: Jay and Bey - Music Royalty

Postby JT99 » 26 Jul 2016, 15:13

Jay-Z is an excellent Instagram Husband


Though Beyonce is notoriously secretive about her personal life, the Beyhive works in mysterious ways, always seeming to get the best behind-the-scenes images of Queen Bey. Here's a new one posted by Beylite, which was taken by Jay-Z in an elevator during a trip to Paris.

From the reflection in the mirror, we see Jay-Z working hard for his Queen to get just the right angle, proving that he is not only her biggest fan but also an excellent Instagram husband.

Take note, Ball.
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Re: Jay and Bey - Music Royalty

Postby TheWolf » 26 Jul 2016, 23:23

Instagram husband? Is that a real thing that peopl say? I hate the world.

On a more serious note, haven't these idiots learned to avoid photographic evidence of what happens in elevators?
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Re: Jay and Bey - Music Royalty

Postby BigJohnStudd » 01 Feb 2017, 17:24

All I'm saying is that under Obama's presidency Beyoncé was pregnant with only one baby at a time.

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