Rolling Stones Madness

Rolling Stones Madness

Postby MisterTambourineMan » 08 Aug 2007, 19:15

Well.....Since this is the Stones, everyone should get a chance to vote on the winners, especially since my "analysis" is quite post, pm, with whatever you think should win whatever matchup, region, the whole thing....of course, if no one wants to vote, I'll handle it......

so, ladies, here is the Rolling Stones Tournament...hahaha, aww fuck

1)Sympathy for the Devil
Why It's Seeded Here: Greatest. Stones. Song. Ever. (whoo whoo)
Why it Could Be A Higher Seed: Couldn't. (whoo whoo)
Top Verse(s): All of them, but to single out some: I watched with glee while your Kings & Queens fought for ten decades for the Gods they made, I shouted out who killed the Kennedys, when after all it was you and me, let me please introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste, and I lay traps for troubadours who get killed before they reached Bombay; Just as every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners saints, as heads is tails just call me Lucifer 'cuz I'm need of some restraint, so if you meet me have some courtesy and some taste, use all your well-learned politise or I'll way your soul to waste (whoo whoo)
16)Shine a Light
Why It's Here: One of Exile's best songs, the Stones + a piano = Gold, Jerry
Why it Could Be Higher: "I just can't....brush them off", a Jagger-led gospel choir, Mick Taylor was the man
Top Verse: Saw you stretched out in Room Ten-Oh-Nine, with a smile on your face and a tear right in your eye, oh couldn't see to get a line on you, my sweet honey love, berber jewelry jangling down the street, making bloodshot eyes at every woman that you meet, could not seem to get a high on you, my sweet honey love.
8)Jigsaw Puzzle
Why It's Here: Song Progression
Why it Could Be Higher: Brian Jones was a genius, before he was an idiot; Nicky Hopkins can do no wrong; the last minute is an orgy of music.
Top Verse: The gangster looks so frightning with his luger in his hand, but when he gets home to his children he's a family man, but when it comes to the nitty-gritty he can shove in his knife, yes he really looks quite religious, he's been an outlaw all his life
Why It's Here: the Stones do country/rock better than anyone
Why It Could Be Higher: Keith & Taylor intermingled better than anyone, might be the Stones' best harmony, Watts is the defination of rhythm here
Top Verse: Well the ballrooms and smelly bordellos and dressing rooms filled with parasites, on stage the band has got problems, they're a bag of nerves on first nights, he ain't tied down to no home town, yeah and he thought he was wreckless, you think he's bad, he thinks you're mad, yeah and the guitar player gets restless
4)You Got The Silver
Why It's Here: Keith.
Why It Could Be Higher: Country/Rock/Blues in a fine mash; when they bring the whole thing together...
Top Verse: Oh Baby you got my soul, you got the silver, you got the gold, if thats your love, just leave me blind, I don't care, No, thats the big surprise
13)Sister Morphine
Why It's Here: scary, eerie, haunting music
Why It Could Be Higher: A ridiculous intro and a ridiculous end jam that I underrate, Ry Cooder on slide guitar
Top Verse: Sweet Cousin Cocaine, lay your cool cool hand on my head, aw come on sister morphine, you better make up my bed, you know and i know in the morning I'll be dead and you can sit around and you can watch all the clean white sheets stain red
5)Tumbling Dice
Why It's Here: if any song could best illustrate the Stones' "Wheelhouse", this is it
Why It Could Be Higher: when they bring it down "got to rolll me...come to roll me....keep on rolling...." and charlie brings it back....definative Stones
Top Verse: Women think I'm tasty, they're always tryin' to waste me, make me burn the candle right down, but baby, baby, i dont' need no jewels in my crown, 'cuz all you men is low down gamblers, cheatin' like I don't know how, but baby, baby, there's a fever in the funkhouse now, this low down bitchin' got my poor feet a-itchin', don't you know the deuce is still wild?
12)Monkey Man
Why It's Here: I have no reason
Why It Could Be Higher: One of Keith's best solos
Top Verse: Well I hope we're not too messianic or a trifle too satanic, we love to play the blues
6)It's Only Rock'n'Roll
Why It's Here: I dunno...I like it? Yes. I do. I like it.
Why It Could Be Higher: Bowie on background vocals, Richards&Wood&Taylor on guitar
Top Verse: If I could stick a knife in my heart and suicide right on stage, would it be enough for your teenage lust, would it help to ease the pain, ease your brain?
Why It's Here: Keith.
Why It Could Be Higher: Percussion, Taylor is unbelivable on slide, "backing vocal: Mick Jagger" is funny
Top Verse: Always took candy from strangers, didn't wanna get me no trade, never want to be like my papa, working for the boss every night and day
3)Paint It Black
Why It's Here: Brian Jones was a genius, before he was an idiot
Why It Could be Higher: Sitar, possibly Charlie Watts' finest 3 minutes and 45 seconds, "hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm...."
Top Verse: No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue, i could not forsee this thing happening to you, if I look hard enough into the settin' sun, my love will laugh with me before the morning comes, I see a red door and i want it painted black, no colors anymore i want them to turn black, i see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes, i have to turn my head until my darkness goes
14)Stop Breaking Down
Why It's Here: Best Robert Johnson cover EVER* (*not named "Crossroads")
Why It Could be Higher: the best Jagger guitar performance, Ian Stewart could play some piano too, and some guy named Mick Taylor is reallllllly good
Top Verse: Everytime I'm walking on down the street, some pretty woman start breaking down on me, stop breaking down mama, please, stop breaking down, stuff is gonna bust your brains out baby, gonna make you lose your mind
7)Wild Horses
Why It's Here: Meh. People tell me it should be this high.
Why It Could Be higher: ?
Top Verse: I lost interest.
10)It's All Over Now
Why It's Here: Because the Stones could rip off Black Americans better than anyone and more* than anyone(*not named "Led Zeppelin)
Why It could be Higher: Jones & Keith's best guitar interplay, Watts changes the tempo so seemlessly
Top Verse: Well I used to wake in the morning, get my breakfast in bed, when I'd gotten worried she'd easy my aching head, but now she's here and there with every man in town, still trying to take me for that same old clown because I ussssssed to love her, but it's allll over now
2)Brown Sugar
Why It's Here: Because it's about slavery, fucking, and "brown sugar" is slang for heroin in some places....what more do you want?
Why It could Be Higher: Bobby Keys was the first Clarance Clemons, maraccas are a nice touch, and they really tie it together at the end
Top Verse: Now I bet your mama was a tent show queen and all her boyfriends were sweet sixteen, i'm no schoolboy but I know what i like, you should-a heared me just around midnight
15)Little T&A
Why It's here: Tits and Ass with soul, baby
Why It could be Higher: Tits and Ass with soul, baby
Top Verse: There's not much for lyrics in this one.

1)You Can't Always Get What You Want
Why It's Here: Bob Dylan gave Al Kooper powers during "Like A Rolling Stone" and those powers created this song(haha, yeaaaah, look it up though, I'm right), the choir, conga drums...I dunno, maybe it's better than Sympathy...
Why It could be higher: The end of this song is what songs are supposed to be
Top Verse: I went down to the Chelsea drugstore.....
16)I Got the Blues
Why It's Here: Bluesy Stones, which is blues+rock+emoting Jagger...somehow works
Why It Could be Higher: Bobby Keys and whoever's on trumpet are amazing, one of the greatest organ solos ever by mr.Billy Preston
Top Verse: And I'll bust my brains out for you, and i'll tear my hair out, i'm gonna tear my hair out just for you, if you don't believe what I'm singing at three o'clock in the morning, baby, i'm singing my song for you
8)Memo from Turner
Why It's Here: It's quintessential, unexplainable, late 60's stones
Why It Could Be Higher: Steve Winwood, the un-ending complete with soft whisperin' that appeal to a paranoid man such as me
Top Verse: Weren't you at the Coke convention back in 1965, you're the misbred gray executive I've seen heavily advertised, you're the gray gray man who's daughter looks policemen's buttons clean, you're the man who squats behind the man who works the soft machine, come now gentlemen, your love is all i crave, you'll still be in the circus when i'm laughin', laughin' in my grave
9)Some Girls
Why It's Here: Oh, this is the anthem
Why It Could Be higher: one of the best choruses, Keith will start singing along for two or three words and then stop, oh, and this is the Anthem.
Top Verse: Quick rundown: some girls give me money, others heart attacks, some leave me with a lethal dose, French girls want cartier, italian girls want cars, american girls want everything in the world you could possibly IMAGINE!, white girls they're pretty funny sometimes they drive me mad, black girls just wanna get fucked all night i just don't have that much jam, some girls give me children - I only made love to her once
4)Beast of Burden
Why It's Here: that opening lick and the continuation of it
Why It Could Be higher: When Keith gives a yelp, pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty girls, never (Never) never (Never) never (Never)
Top Verse: I'll tell ya you can put me out on the street, put me out with no shoes on my feet, you can put me out put me out put me out of misery, all your sickness i can suck it up, throw it all at me, i can shrug it off, there's one thing baby i don't understand, you keep on telling me i ain't your kind of man
13)Dead Flowers
Why It's Here: A Stones ode to Heroin
Why It Could be Higher: Hmm...I think it's right where it should be.
Top Verse: Well when you're sitting back in your rose pink Cadillac, making bets on Kentucky Derby day, I'll be in my basement room with a needle and a spoon and another girl to take my pain away
5)The Last Time
Why It's Here: It's a wall of a sound (that's a good expression, I might copyright it)
Why It Could Be Higher: One of Keith's best solos, Brian Jones in his prime, and I can finally mention Bill Wyman
Top Verse: well I told you once and I told you twice, but ya never listen to my advice, you don't try very hard to please me, with what you know it should be easy
12)Moonlight Mile
Why It's Here: Best use of strings by the stones, and Mick Taylor should be on most top..let's say 15...guitarist lists...fuck it, top 10
Why It Could Be higher: "I'm riding down your moonlight we go now...." and then It goes
Top Verse: Yeah, I'mmmmm coooooming home, cause I'm just about a moonlight mile on down the road, down the road, down the road...
Why It's Here: One of Jagger's best performances and Ron Wood's best work ever
Why It Could Be Higher: Wood's solo, Watts being Watts, Song Progression at it's finest, and listening to Jagger bitch about anything is funny as all hell
Top Verse: Don't you know the crime rate is goin' up, up, up, up, up, to live in this town you must be tough, tough, tough, tough, tough, you got rats on the west side, bed bugs uptown, what a mess, this town's in tatters, i've been shattered, my brain's been battered, splattered all over Manhattan
Why It's Here: Mick Taylor is a Guitar God
Why It Could Be Higher: it's where it should be, and jagger on rhythm guitar instead of Keith was a mistake...of course, me saying they made a mistake is a bit of a mistake too, so none of us is perfect
Top Verse: Hey, hey, hey noooooow, one day I woke up to find, right in the bed next to mine, someone that broke me up with a corner of her smile
3)Sweet Virginia
Why It's Here: Best. Intro. Ever.
Why It Could Be Higher: One of the Stones' great jams, Mick tearing up the harmonica, country/rock was never better than this, Bobby Keys should get a nobel prize for this one, perfect backing vocals, "ONE MORE TIME"
Top Verse: Thank you for your wine California, thank you for your sweet and bitter fruits, yes i got the desert in my toenail, and i hid the speed inside my shoes, but come on, come on down Sweet Virginia, come on honey child I beg of you, come on come on down, you got it in you, got to scrape the shit right off your shoes
14)Mother's Little Helper
Why It's Here: What a drag it is getting old...
Why It Could Be Higher: Brian Jones was a genius, and fuck the Beatles for getting credit for bringing the sitar into rock although they probably deserve the credit
Top Verse: Doctor pleeeaseee some more of theeeseee, outside the doooor, she took four moooore, what a drag it is getting old...
7)Rocks Off
Why It's Here: Ohhhhh yeah....
Why It Could Be Higher: Watts, Watts, Watts; Piano+Stones=Gold, Jerry; Bobby Keys; they take you into that parallel universe for some seconds, "it's so hypnotizin', can't describe the scene....", the ending is perfection
Top Verse: I'm zipping through the days at lightning speed, plug in flush out and fire the fuckin' feed, heading for an overload, splattered on the dirty road, kick me like you've kicked before, i can't even feel the pain no more
Why It's Here: Another catchy Stones ode to Heroin
Why It could Be higher: keith and taylor leading the horns, watts keeping the whole thing steady, the end jam "heeeey heeeey heeeeey heeeeey"
Top Verse: Sometimes I'm sexy, move like a stud, kicking the stall all night, sometimes I'm so shy, got to be worked on, don't have no bark or bite, yeah when you call my name, i salivate like a pavlov dog, yeah when you lay me out my heart is bumpin' louder than a big bass drum, alright
2)Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
Why It's Here: Only a heartless Hawaiian couldn't listen to that opening lick 'til the end of time
Why It Could Be Higher: The song could've cut off after 3 minutes and been one of the greatest ever because of the changes in tempo for the chorus and the sound they created, but then they take that into a Greeeeeeeeat Jam
Top Verse: Hear me ringin' big bell toll, hear me singin' soft and low, I've been thinkin' on my knees, I've been kickin', help me please, hear me prowlin' (I'm gonna take you down), Hear me growlin' (Yeah, I've got a flat-ten feet now now now now) Hear me howlin' (all around your street now), hear me knockin' (all around your town)
15)Rip This Joint
Why It's Here: Cuz I want to say Rip This Joint ;-)
Why It Could Be Higher: lightning in a bottle from start to finish, angry Mick bitching about immigration, "wham bamm Birmingham Alabama don't give a damn"
Top Verse: Mama says yes, Papa says no, make up your mind cause I gotta go, I'm gonna raise hell at the Union Hall, drive myself right over the wall, rip this joint gonna save your soul, round and round and round we go, roll this joint gonna get down low, start my start gonna stop the show

1)Gimme Shelter
Why It's Here: When the Apocalypse comes, this will be the theme song
Why It Could Be Higher: That opening...........whooooooo whoooooo oooooo.....Mary Clayton, maybe Keith's finest guitar work, those maracas or whatever they are add more than you'd think, that one lick Keith gives right after Clayton's solo
Top Verse: What can I say besides It's just a shot away?
16)Far Away Eyes
Why It's Here: Stones' at their countriest
Why It could be higher: Wood's steel guitar, the chorous, great relaxing drinking song (drunkingly sang this with a guitar player on the street one night)
Top Verse: I was driving home early sunday morning through bakersfield listening to gospel music on the colored radio station and the preacher said "you know you alwaaaaays have the looooord by your side" and i was so please to be informed of this that i ran twenty red lights in his honor, thank you jesus, thank you lord
8)Time is on my Side
Why It's Here: Because even that terrible denzel movie couldn't ruin this song...but it came close...
Why It Could Be Higher: Can't be higher after that Denzel movie....maybe should be's a shame
Top Verse: yes time time time is on my side, yes it is, time time time is on my side, yes it is, oh time time time is on my side, yes it is, i said time time time is on my side
9)Let's Spend the Night Together
Why It's Here: Chorus for the ages, and then they bring it down.....down....then baba bbababa bababa
Why It Could be Higher: Can't be; Morrison didn't pussy out to Ed Sullivan....
Top Verse: Don't you worry 'bout whats on your mind, i'm in no hurry i can take my time, i'm going red and my tongue's getting tied, i'm off my head and my mouth's getting dry, i'm high, but i try try try
4)Street Fighting Man
Why It's Here: the Beating drum, Keith's riffs, and Brian's trusty sitar
Why It Could Be Higher: Those first 15 seconds and first line Jagger says, Dave Mason, and Rage showed how bad this song could've been....
Top Verse: Heeeeey, said my name is called disturbance, i'll shout and scream, i'll kill the king, i'll rail all his servants, well what can a poor boy do except sing for a rock'n'roll band, 'cuz in sleepy London town there's no place for a street fighting man
13)Short and Curlies
Why It's Here: Because I would kill 7,632 baby seals to hear this song continue into a jam, ala Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
Why It Could Be higher: Maybe the best piano on a stones song, catches you off-guard and punches you in the ear, they're all singin' and then they stop so Mick can sing "thunder" solo, have I mentioned Mick Taylor is a Guitar God?
Top Verse: It's too bad, she's got you by the balls, she nailed you to the wall, oh its a shame, ah but funny, she crashed your car, she spent your money, and you can't get away from it all, it's too bad, shes grabbed a handful, and you can't get away from it all, it's too bad, oooh and it's painful
5)Star Star
Why It's Here: Greatest Chuck Berry rip-off ever
Why It Could be Higher: the Chorus, progression; if someone was to say pick a song that defines rock'n'roll, this might be the song to pick; "your tricks with fruit was kind of cute, i bet you keep your pussy clean"
Top Verse: I don't wanna pick just one....Yeah Ali McGraw got mad with you for givin' head to Steve McQueen, yeah you and me we made a pretty pair fallin' through the silver screen, honey i'm open to anything, i don't know where to draw the line, yeah and i'm making bets that you're gonna get John Wayne before he dies
12)Dear Doctor
Why It's Here: A country blues song about not wanting to marry a bow-legged sow who ends up leaving for Cousin Lou
Why It Could Be higher: the guitar chords and progression get me every time, Brian's five-second solo, when Mick does the girl voice, "it had creases as sharp as a Knifffffe", that harmonica just slips in and out of conciousness, the Stones' best harmony (have I said that yet? probably...well, this is the song with the Stones' best harmony)
Top Verse: Oh help me please mama, i'm sickening, it's today that's the day of the plunge, oh the gal i'm to marry is a bow-legged sow, i've been soakin' up drink like a sponge
6)Ruby Tuesday
Why It's Here: Brian Jones' recorder & piano, Watts' drums into the chorus; really, the whole song is just a set-up for the chorus
Why It Could Be Higher: It's fine....Lower, if anything....and I hate those restaurants
Top Verse: There's no time to lose I heard her say, catch your dreams before they slip away, dying all the time, lose your dreams and you will lose your mind, ain't life unkind?
11)19th Nervous Breakdown
Why It's Here: You better stop....and look it it cooooomes.....
Why It Could Be Higher: What a song title, seriously; I get to praise bill wyman again
Top Verse: You're the kind of person you meet at certain dismal dull affairs, center of a crowd talking much too loud, running up and down the stairs, well it seems to me that you have seen too much in too few years, and though you've tried you just can't hide your eyes are edged with tears
3)Live With Me
Why It's Here: Wyman's opening bass line, slowly joined by Watts, and the rest bide their time until the massive music convergence, which builds and builds throughout the song
Why It Could Be Higher: "....round about SEVEN THIRRRRTY FIIIIVEEEE ", Leon Russell & Nicky Hopkins on dueling pianos, Bobby Keys once again, they switch tempo midway through the last verse and it's Super
Top Verse: Whoaaaaaa the servants they're so helpful dear, the cook she is a whore, the butler has a place for her behind the pantry door, the maid she's french she's got no sense she's wild for crazy horse, and when she strips the chauffeur flips, the frontman's eyes get crossed, dontcha think there's a place for us right across the street, dontcha think theres a place for you in between the sheets?
14)Stray Cat Blues
Why It's Here: Keith and Brian's finest interplay
Why It Could be Higher: The change they do halfway in, a precursor to Midnight Rambler, "i bet your mama don't know that you scratch like that"
Top Verse: You say you got a girlfriend and that she's wilder than you, why don't you bring her upstairs, if she's so wild than she can join in too, it's no hanging matter, its no capital crime
7)No Expectations
Why It's Here: Brian Jones' last great work
Why It Could Be Higher: that slide guitar is amazing, the slow countrylikeness of it all, the maracas or whatever they subtly use
Top Verse: our love was like the water that splashes on a stone, our love is like our music, it's here and then it's gone, so take me to the airport and put me on a plane, i got no expectations to pass through here again
10)Waiting on a Friend
Why It's Here: Not sure, it's an enigma
Why It Could be Higher: Not sure, it's an enigma
Top Verse: watching the girls go passing by, it ain't the latest thing, i'm just standing in a doorway, i'm just trying to make some sense
2)Jumpin' Jack Flash
Why It's Here: Cuz it's alright now, in fact it's a gas
Why It Could Be Higher: Keith's prime, Brian fuckin' around with a mellotrone, watts' calmness amid the storm, and Mick just bein' Mick, maracas, the last minute of the song jumpin jack flash its a gas jumpin jack flash its a gas jumpin jack flash its a gas....I dunno how it's not a 1 seed
Top Verse: I was drowned, I was washed up and left for dead, I fell down to my feet and I saw they bled, I frowned at the crumbs of a crust of bread, i was crowned with a spike right through my head
15)Love in Vain
Why It's Here: Another great pillaging of the Robert Johnson recordings
Why It Could Be Higher: Keith is great, the mandolin is a nice touch, and the echo
Top Verse: when the train left the station it had two lights on behind, yeah when the the train left the station it had two lights on behind, whoa the blue light was my baby and the red light was my mind

Why Its Here: We all know why
Why It Could Be higher: We all know why
Top Verse: When I'm watchin' my TV and a man comes on to tell me how white my shirts can be but he can't be a man 'cuz he doesn't smoke the same cigarettes as me, I can't get no, oh no no no Hey hey hey, that's what I say
16)Let it Loose
Why It's Here: cousin to Shine a Light, the backing vocals probably better in this, "Let it Looose baby come on down..."
Why It Could be Higher: When Nicholson is beating DiCaprio's broken arm with a shoe in "Departed", this is the song...and i think the song's about Mick stealing pussy from Brian, but I could be wrong about that
Top Verse: Bit off more than I can chew and I knew what it was leading to, some things, well, I can't refuse, i can't refuse, one of them, one of them the bedroom blues
8)Ventilator Blues
Why It's Here: Mick Taylor
Why It Could be Higher: A great Stones rock/blues jam, complete with piano flurishes, Keys tearing up the sax, and the Stones actually writing this blues song themselves which they don't do too often
Top Verse: When you're trapped and circled with no second chance, your code of living is your gun in hand, we can't be browed by beating we can't be cowed by words, messed by cheating, ain't gonna ever learn
9)Salt of the Earth
Why It's Here: The choir, the piano, and the addition of the slide guitar halfway through along with the tempo change make it a romp
Why It Could be Higher: Keith's awkward singing
Top Verse: Let's drink to the hard working people, let's drink to the lowly of birth, raise your glass to the good and the evil, let's drink to the salt of the earth
4)Honky Tonk Woman
Why It's Here: There isn't a better 'Bar' song
Why It could be Higher: enough Cowbell to go around, Taylor and Keith interplay perfectly, Watts can do no wrong when it comes to tempo ever
Top Verse: I met a gin soaked bar-room queen in Memphis, she tried to take me upstairs for a ride, she had to heave me right across her shoulders, 'cuz I just cant seem to drink you off my mind
13)Heart of Stone
Why It's Here: Keith's solo
Why It Could be Higher: maybe Wyman's best work, "but she'll never break never break never break never Break...", and no one hates a Tambourine ;-)
Top Verse: What's different about her? I don't really know, no matter how I try, I just can't make her cry
5)Let it Bleed
Why It's Here: Used to be the most underrated song ever....Damn you Amstel Light
Why It Could Be Higher: That bended note at the beginning then the strumming and then Charlie's into it and it's on from there...just progression after progression, lyrically and musically...Wyman's got a pretty bad ass autoharp in this...Keith tears up the slide guitar...that cymbol crash charlie gives after "get it on rider" and the ensuing tempo change...Maybe the best piano the stones ever had(Have I said that yet? Probably....)...and there will always be a space in my parking lot when you need a little coke and sympathy
Top Verse: I was dreaming of a steel guitar engagement when you drunk my health in scented jasmine tea, you knifed me in my dirty filthy basement with that jaded faded junky nurse, oh what pleasant company
12)Soul Survivor
Why it's Here: When they break it down and give Hopkins a solo and then Keith joins in, then Jagger, then Taylor, then it erupts
Why It could be higher: It's fine where it is
Top Verse: It's the graveyard watch, running right on the rocks, i've taken all of the knocks, you ain't givin' me no quarter, i'd rather drink sea water, i wish i'd never had brought you, it's gonna be the death of me
6)Get Off My Cloud
Why It's Here: Watts defines "quick and precise" drumming in this
Why it could be Higher: "hey (hey) you (you)", the sneering way Mick ends the chorus
Top Verse: The telephone is ringing, I say "hi it's me who is it there on the line?" a voice says "Hi, hello, how are you well i guess i'm doin' fine", he says "it's three a.m. there's too much noise dont you people ever go to bed?"
11)Little Red Rooster
Why It's Here: I'm not sure, but I think little red rooster is a euphemism for Cock...again, I'm not too sure about this
Why It Could be Higher: Brian Jones' genius, another stellar moment for Wyman, good harmonica work by Jagger
Top Verse: If you see my little red rooster, please drive him home
3)Under My Thumb
Why It's Here: Brian Jones' death was worse for Music than Kurt Cobain's. Yeah; Even though both were as predictable as a FSU grad not knowing the capital of Florida.
Why It Could be Higher: Marimbas, the tempo change in the middle with Keith's solo, "Say it's all.....say it's all.....take it.....eassssssssy, baby"
Top Verse: Under my thumb is a siameseeee....Cat of a girl, under my thumb, she's the sweetest hmmmm pet in the world, it's down to me, the way she talks when she's spoken to down to me, the change has come, she's under my thumb
14)Loving Cup
Why It's Here: Nicky Hopkins and Watts
Why It Could Be Higher: Creschendo that keeps rising at the end w/ the help of Bobby Keys and Mick's spastic "gimme little drink"
Top Verse: I'm the man on the mountain, come on up, i'm the plowman in the valley with a face full of mud, yes i'm fumbling and i know my car don't start, yes i'm stumbling and i know i play a bad guitar, give me little drink from your loving cup, just one drink and i'll fall down drunk
7)Miss You
Why it's Here: For one line, then you click next.
Why It Could be Higher: Lower. Yeah, there's some good parts, blah blah, it's alright, nothing special, never got that mass appeal it appears to have
Top Verse: I'll be waiting in my home, been waiting on your call, the phone rings, its just a friend of mine that say "hey, whats a matter man? gonna come around at 12 with some Puerto Rican girls who just dyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin to meeeet you
10)Hide Your Love
Why It's Here: Gripping opening
Why It Could be Higher: the convergence of everything 20 seconds into it, Jagger's best piano playing ever, stellar Wyman, and spectacular Taylor solos
Top Verse: Now look here baby, you sure look cheap, i make money seven days a week, why do you hide, why do you hide your love, why do you hide, baby, hide from the man that you love?
2)Midnight Rambler
Why It's Here: The real question is how it isn't No. 1
Why It Could be higher: Don't do that, don't do that....then it slowsssssssss down....
Top Verse: .....Well you heard about the Boston [BWACK]'s not one of those[BWACK]........Well, talkin' bout the midnight[BWACK] one that closed the bedroom door[BWACK]...i'm the called the hit and run raper in anger, the knife-sharpened tippie-toe, or just the shoot 'em dead brainbell jangler, you know, the one you never seen before....[it's risin']....[risin'] if you ever meet the Midnight Rambler....
15)2000 Man
Why it's Here: It's 3 great songs in 1
Why It could Be Higher: Wyman doin' a great job, Brian on the organ, Charlie keepin' it all in time
Top Verse: Well my wife still respects me, I really misuse her, I am having an affair with a random computer

Just missed the cut(with some reasoning, but not much):
Start me up (too bad I haven't gone to a sporting event in ten years without hearing this, because there might not be a better or more censored line than "you make a dead man come"), Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man("I'm the necessary talent behind every rock'n'roll band"), Not Fade Away(Grateful Dead did it better, Buddy Holly did it first), 100 years ago, Angie(might be about Bowie), Before They Make Me, Can You Hear The Music(a little too out there, even for me), Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, I Just Want to Make Love to You, Shes A Rainbow, Sweet Neo-Con(take That! Dubya), All Down the Line, Doo Doo Doo Doo Heartbreaker(Great song, but sometimes I laugh at it), If You Can't Rock Me, You Got Me Rocking, Saint of Me, Who's Driving Your Plane?, Dancing with Mr. D, Spider and the Fly, Ain't Too Proud to Beg(maybe the best cover ever)

Wow...I should probably focus more at work.
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Postby someguysomewhere » 08 Aug 2007, 19:22

Wow. Just wow.
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Re: Rolling Stones Madness

Postby Ogie Oglethorpe » 08 Aug 2007, 19:28

MisterTambourineMan wrote:Image



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Postby ChiTown » 08 Aug 2007, 20:24

shes so cold?
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Postby Abe Froman » 08 Aug 2007, 21:10

I'm picking Paint it Black to make the Final Four.
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Postby ChiTown » 08 Aug 2007, 22:01

im picking paint it black as the winnah
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Postby DirtDawg » 08 Aug 2007, 23:55

The weed is strong in the land of 10,000 lakes. Powerful strong.

I'm rooting for satisfaction.
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Postby Theny » 09 Aug 2007, 07:44

How the fuck is Jumpin Jack Flash a 2 seed? That song blows.

Gimme Shelter, Paint It Black, You Can't Always Get What You Want, and Beast of Burden are my votes.
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Postby PornoGil » 09 Aug 2007, 09:02

Ok, I've made the temporary avatar switch and am officially ready to go here. I'll vote region by region, with my winners in bold. Here goes:

Sympathy for the Devil over Shine a Light: Classic showdown between Lucifer and "the Good Lord". This is rock n' roll, Sons, so there was never a doubt.

Jigsaw Puzzle over Torn and Frayed: Gotta go with underrated gem from Beggars Banquet. One of their more interesting tunes, musically and lyrically.

Sister Morphine over You Got the Silver: This just in: Drugs rule. If for no other reason than they inspire tunes like this.

Tumbling Dice over Monkey Man: The 5-seed has what it takes to make a major run here. Can match up with any opponent on any given day. As MTM said, this tune IS the Stones.

It's Only Rock N' Roll over Happy: "It's only rock n' roll, but I like it, like it, yes I do!" Me too, Mick. Me too.

Paint it Black over Stop Breaking Down: Stop Breaking Down didn't have a Chinaman's chance in this one.

It's All Over Now over Wild Horses: Minor upset here. While very good, I've always found Wild Horses to be somewhat overrated.

Brown Sugar over Little T&A: If you don't like Brown Sugar, you suck at liking music. Period. More often than not I'll call this their best tune.

On to the next region...

You Can't Always Get What You Want over I Got the Blues: The strong 16-seed had no chance here.

Memo From Turner over Some Girls: Bad-ass. That is all.

Dead Flowers over Beast of Burden: Straight-up country. And it rules. MTM used the verse, but I'll repeat it since it defines what the Stones are about...
Well, when you're sitting back
In your rose pink cadillac
Making bets on kentucky derby day
I'll be in my basement room
With a needle and a spoon
And another girl to take my pain away

Moonlight Mile over The Last Time: If _ got the chance to make the inevitable "Best Album Closers" thread, it should have been locked right away. Not because of the stupidity of it, but because no song has ever closed an album more perfectly and, dare I say, beautifully, than this.

Sway over Shattered: Apparently this is the Sticky Fingers region. Shattered is a meh song. The only one of the 64 I'd dare say that about. Mick goes a little overboard being Mick sometimes.

Sweet Virginia over Mother's Little Helper: One of those tunes that's great to listen to while sitting on a porch sipping on some whiskey.

Rocks Off over Bitch: Best match-up so far. It's a shame they can't both advance.

Can't You Hear Me Knocking over Rip This Joint: After thousands of listens, that riff still blows me away.

Region #3...

Gimme Shelter over Far Away Eyes: C'mon, buddy...

Let's Spend the Night Together over Time Is on My Side: Time Is on My Side is one of the few entries here that just sounds too dated.

Street Fighting Man over Short and Curlies:
[url=]- Looks like there's gonna be a brawl. You playing something good?
- You just hit G-8. [/url]

Star Star over Dear Doctor: Raunch at its finest.

Ruby Tuesday over 19th Nervous Breakdown: Very even match-up.

Live With Me over Stray Cat Blues: MTM is right - Mick Taylor is the Balls.

No Expecations over Waiting on a Friend: Love the slide guitar work here.

Jumping Jack Flash over Love in Vain: Jumping Jack Flash blows? What? Absolute blasphemy. A worthy 2-seed.

Final region...

Satisfaction over Let It Loose: ...

Ventilator Blues over Salt of the Earth: Wow, what a killer 8-seed. Satisfaction better watch the fuck out next round. Yeah, I said it.

Honkey Tonk Women over Heart of Stone: Gotta have that cowbell, baby.

Let It Bleed over Soul Survivor: Some great drinking tunes in this region.

Get Off of My Cloud over Little Red Rooster: When in doubt, go with an original.

Loving Cup over Under My Thumb: Biggest upset of Round 1. Have to go with the tune about our good friend, Colonel Angus, here.

Miss You over Hide Your Love: Mmmm, Puerto Rican girls.

Midnight Rambler over 2000 Man: I love 2000 Man, but it's not quite strong enough here.
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Postby Fletch » 09 Aug 2007, 10:17

There must be some sort of a mix-up. Love is Strong is nowhere to be found on this list. If a video with 100-foot tall Stones and hot chicks isn't good enough for entry, what is?
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Postby Brick Tamland » 09 Aug 2007, 10:33

Irwin M. Fletcher wrote:There must be some sort of a mix-up. Love is Strong is nowhere to be found on this list. If a video with 100-foot tall Stones and hot chicks isn't good enough for entry, what is?

That's actually one of my favorite Stones songs, even though it's a total rip off of Keith's "Wicked as it Seems". Also thought Start Me Up should be there, regardless of its abuse at sporting arenas. And as far as underrated 80s Stones songs go, I really like the riff to One Hit (to the Body)

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Postby Fletch » 09 Aug 2007, 10:42

Brick Tamland wrote:
Irwin M. Fletcher wrote:There must be some sort of a mix-up. Love is Strong is nowhere to be found on this list. If a video with 100-foot tall Stones and hot chicks isn't good enough for entry, what is?

That's actually one of my favorite Stones songs, even though it's a total rip off of Keith's "Wicked as it Seems". Also thought Start Me Up should be there, regardless of its abuse at sporting arenas. And as far as underrated 80s Stones songs go, I really like the riff to One Hit (to the Body)

For the record - I don't necessarily hate Love is Strong or anything, but I was just messing around about its inclusion.
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Postby babylurch » 09 Aug 2007, 10:46

I agree with PornoGil for everything except I'd go for The Last Time over Moonlight Mile (although I'd go with Memory Motel over either); and Time is on My Side over Let's Spend the Night Together.
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Postby PornoGil » 09 Aug 2007, 11:23

Good call on Memory Motel, Lurch. Forgot about that one.
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Postby bosux » 09 Aug 2007, 13:33

a couple notable omissions, imho:

street fightin' man
10000 light years from home

and in the covers dept:
just my imagination(running away with me)
route 66
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