Did you bring a cooler?: the DRINKS thread

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Re: Did you bring a cooler?: the DRINKS thread

Postby Dthefritz » 11 Jan 2018, 18:11

Theny wrote:
SouthernYokel wrote:I been drinking cafe Bustelo at home for the last couple weeks instead of my usual Dunkin regular grind. It's strong and kind of smells odd. But I like it a lot. Anyway, I was under the impression that it was authentic Cuban. I just read that it is owned by the Smuckers corporation. So like, the least authentic it could possibly be. Anyway, still like it, just don't believe I am part cubano anymore.

ETA to be clear to dtf should he read this, I mean authentic Cuban like Miami, I am aware we still have a trade embargo

Well if it makes you feel better all my in laws drink Bustelo.

Funny you should mention in a cafe Bustelo post, Yokel. Not only do I enjoy 5-6 cups of this lovely beverage per workday, I actually know the backstory! It was started by Cuban refugees in Miami, and then the family sold it to Smuckers some point. Every Dominican, Puerto Rican and Cuban I know drinks the stuff, and it's widely sold down in the islands. I'd say it's authentic.
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Re: Did you bring a cooler?: the DRINKS thread

Postby Rodney Farva » 15 Jan 2018, 06:11

Had an O’Haras Irish Pale Ale (on tap). Similar to Smithwicks or Kilkenny though not quite so creamy. Very good, would have again.
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Re: Did you bring a cooler?: the DRINKS thread

Postby Gregs Kite » 16 Jan 2018, 08:50

Do you have a beer goon acquaintance that you like giving the business to? Well, here are some terms to use when you're trying to be clever and win Ace Awards and stuff.
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