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Re: Unruly Hos

Postby bosux » 16 Dec 2017, 11:18

JT99 wrote:
TheWolf wrote:
BostonSucksMyBalls wrote:
Gregs Kite wrote:
ctz31 wrote:Black dude in tank top was wreckin dudes. But my favorite in this vid is white dude in orange shirt.

And dat nigga very well might be dead.

The extremely white voice at the :06 mark cracked me up. As well as the gentleman with the wonderful hair who half heartedly checked on the dead guy at the end. No chance he's going bald!

I enjoyed that. That nigger may be deceased. Was that a pool of blood coming from his head?

Real classy of Blind Side to come over and kick the deceased in the head a few times and try to empty his pockets.

Don't start no stuff, won't be no stuff.

^meme in agreement

i would approach this large gentleman in the tank top with the same care that i would an officer of the law "yes sir" "no sir" and such
by bosux » 02 Mar 2016, 13:34
if the democratic power machine is so tone deaf as to foist $hrillary upon the electorate they will lose to Trump...bet on it
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Re: Unruly Hos

Postby Gregs Kite » 09 Feb 2018, 12:51

Apr 22, 2015 3:49 pm Clayton Bigsby i enjoy sports

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Re: Unruly Hos

Postby mj3528 » 15 Feb 2018, 15:15

Survivor edition:


Survivor winner Jenna Morasca has been arrested. Morasco, 37, who is most famous for winning Survivor: The Amazon in 2003, was found unconscious in her SUV in Washington, Pennsylvania, on January 25, TMZ is reporting. Police received a call from a driver in South Strabane that a driver was passed out behind the wheel at a stop sign.

Upon arrival, cops determined she was under the influence, finding her Chevrolet Trax (with custom license plates reading “AMAZON”) still running. They administered Narcan but she woke up on the way to the hospital. When an officer tried to subdue her, the reality star allegedly bit her on the forearm.

I still watched that show when she won. I always thought she was attractive:


although I think Parvati was better from that era:

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Re: Unruly Hos

Postby JT99 » 15 Feb 2018, 15:19

Parvati is a smoke show but Amanda is my gold from Survivor....

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