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Re: The Pets Thread

Postby Iron Mike Sharpe » 18 May 2017, 10:02

I'm gonna stick my dick near her mouf
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Re: The Pets Thread

Postby JT99 » 18 May 2017, 10:02

Theny wrote:I gave both of mine away in december. Never getting pets again i hope.

You still standing strong with this stance? Kiddos wants pets?
BigJohnStudd wrote:The original Annie movie from the 80s has a lot of panty shots for a PG rated kids film.

BostonSucksMyBalls wrote:26 Jan 2017 10:53: need the D
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Re: The Pets Thread

Postby Rodney Farva » 19 May 2017, 05:10

context is everything, without it we are lost souls wandering through a barren landscape of nothingness
You coin contrarian bro and say shit nonsense like this.
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