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Postby the cheese » 13 Jan 2018, 20:36

Rodney Farva wrote:following up on the discussion earlier in another thread (i forget which) about pj missing out because his daughters aren't into sports. one thing you could try is to take them to woman college basketball games. you've got lots of choices in philly, probably st joe's or penn would be best bet. get seats close to the floor, hopefully there will be a band and mascot to entertain them. get there early enough for them to see the players warm up and run around the place, buy them as much shitty concessions food as they want. maybe they can get on the videoboard during a time out if they shake their booty to the music being played. schools like that will have promotions all the time where the players sign autographs or meet fans after games. can be a decent way to kill a saturday afternoon with the kids.

Pa Dukes did this with OCU basketball when I was a Ute, back when they contended for an NAIA chip every year for a decade or so. It was a lot easier and a lot cheaper to take three kids to NAIA games than OU games during the Wayman tisdale/Mookie Blaylock/Stacey King era.
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