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Postby Goose » 07 Feb 2018, 10:47

Rodney Farva wrote:I was on a rooftop of a tall, old building. Down below was a town, shoreline, some boats and beaches. For some reason I thought it was Greece but it didn’t look like I would imagine anywhere in Greece looks. I lived there and this was my roof deck.

Some weird nerd/hippy comes slowly flying up from below, he was wearing some kind of flying helmet. It looked like an older motorcycle helmet but somehow made him fly. He had a plastic plate in his hand with some ribs or lamb chops which he accidentally dropped over the side of the roof. He shrugged, circled around the rooftop and flew away.

I peeped over the edge to see if I could figure out where the ribs fell and couldn’t. Sat back down and flying hippy guy is back with a different flying helmet. This one also had a wheel on the top. He had another plate but this time it was covered with foil. He landed, smiled, and flipped upside down and started riding on the wheel on top of the helmet in kind of a handstand. He went around the corner and disappeared.

Then I looked over and there were quite a few people at other tables on the roof, which miffed me because I thought I had the whole roof and didn’t know how they got up there or why they were there.

Sounds like somebody wanted ribs for dinner last night and got a salad instead.
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