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On the Paramount Network (Spike TV). Tim Riggins as Koresh. Pretty charismatic scumbag. Telling the dudes if they joined up he would bang all their wives while they were celobate "I have assumed the burden of sex for all of us" Mothers letting him bang their underage daughters. Got all that puss looking like this


That whole deal seemed to be a total ponyfuck though. Also, the first ep has a Ruby Ridge scene which I just got into reading about. Yikes. With all the true crime from the 90's shows on or coming soon (OJ, Andrew Cunanan, Unibomber, 2pac and Biggie), they should show McVeigh and Oklahoma City coming next fall.
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Re: Waco

Postby OJ8871440 » 07 Feb 2018, 14:47

The McVeigh story would be a natural spinoff. I was surprised they burned off Ruby Ridge like that, could have been a prequel to this if it hits ratings-wise for the new network. Just make a mention of it from Michael Shannon's character
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Re: Waco

Postby chrisco » 07 Feb 2018, 15:00

Manhunt:Unabomber wasn't a bad watch. I thought Paul Bettany was good and Sam Worthington-Rockwell-Whatever was decent as the obsessed agent chasing him.
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