That Impressionist Show

That Impressionist Show

Postby SouthernYokel » 31 May 2007, 07:31

Watched part of it last night, there was one dude who was really exceptional, the guy who did Pacino and Sam Kinison. He didn't really look like either one of them, but damn, you could close your eyes and he was Kinison. AAAAHHHHHH! WHAT THE FUCK!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!

The rest of the show was pretty bad, lots of terrible impersonations (using the american idol formula of "make fun of the tards in the first 3 eps"), but more disturbing was all the impressions of people that have been dead 30 years. Seriously, who wants to see a Lucy impersonation, or a Honeymooners impersonation, not to mention Elvis or Marylin Monroe.
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