2016-2017 NHL Preview

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Postby mj3528 » 13 Oct 2016, 10:30

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ctz31 wrote:Well done goose. It was I that demanded this post. I also don't fault you for not watching the stanley cup. After your team was eliminated no one in the country cared about that upcoming series. Great gifs as usual. I will take notes for the next time I go jiffy on that idiot kite.

Sorry ctz.

Eichel first casualty in the Goose Preview Curse.

Keep your head on a swivel fellas.
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Had he just sacrificed being the number 2 pick in the draft, he could have been a junior on what would have been the consensus number 1 NCAA HONKY team in the country. /jokez

Why jokez? NCAA Honky is a completely different game. More elaborate strategy, and fewer preening nogs making it all about themselves.

Honky is the best of all scumbag worlds when it comes to filling rosters...

1. No one cares about the sport. It can almost operate in the dark because there's no SEC boosters calling each other out or a precedent for lack of institutional control.

2. A lot of these kids are drafted before entering into college or while froshes. They are there to be seasoned or put on ice :corn: until they grow up.

3. NHL has one level of minors, but then there's like 4 levels of shadow minors....major juniors, NCAA, overseas, and sometimes USHL. I don't really understand the definition of amatuerism down here, but guys move somewhat freely between the 4...all while being signed to an NHL team.

4. Don't like the team that drafted you? Wait them out at a place like Harvard like our last Hobie Baker winnah and your next 4th line center for the Rangers.

5. The level of competition is pretty damn high and keeps getting better. Every March at least 3 guys quit school and jump into the NHL for the playoff run.

BU restocked their team with 3 or 4 contributing guys in January of last year from the USHL and overseas. I en joy what's happening, but think we are in for another couple years of boundary pushing until one year some team everyone hates (UND) finds the Eichel of Russia and drops them into the lineup in January, wins the NCAA and he then signs with the Red Wings and gets them over in the playoffs, all while only playing 25 games of college hawkey. We then throw a minor shitfit and maybe have to reel some of this back in.

End of day, what I am saying is that NCAA football and basketball are so restricted compared to the shit that hockey can pull off that its ridix. And yes, its a mostly white sport that no one gives a shit about yet.

In the 90s Miami, O tried to become relevant at hockey and admitted a bunch of Canadians. One of my friends became friends with a few players. They never, ever went to class but somehow passed to remain eligible. There were also some rapey problems with these players.

So basically, what 'sco said.
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Re: 2016-2017 NHL Preview

Postby Goose » 13 Oct 2016, 11:08

Gaylord and/or Gaylord2 would be sickened by this lack of thread integrity. Let's get back on track here.

This will be much more brief than the Eastern Conference preview. Most of these teams play games on way past my bed time. Other than the Blackhawks, the rest of these teams are as memorable as these guys.


Western Conference, Central Division

Chicago Blackhawks: Thank TIVO that Chicago plays in the west, since they have players I’ve actually heard of, like Patrick Kane, Jonathan Towes and Marian Hosa. These three lead a very talented team with solid goaltending. I still don’t know how they let some team from Cali get to the Cup.

Colorado Avalanche: This team used to be great in the 90’s, but so was Yasmine Bleeth.


They got a new coach, but he’s not Herb Brooks, so don’t expect any miracles.

Dallas Stars: They suffered a lot of off-season injuries, so that will slow them down a bit. But nothing’s slowing this guy down. He gives zero fucks about injuries.


Minnesota Wild: They probably don’t have enough talent to win it all, but this season is “Win one for the Purple One”

Nashville Predators: Tons of talent, made some big trades to bring P.K. Subban aboard, along with Center Ryan Johnson. A black guy coming to work in a southern town in a predominately white sport, what could go wrong?

St. Louis Blues: #BestFansInHockey. Hot Take: they’re on pace to win 82 games, but I don’t think they can maintain it. Come at me IMS!

Winnipeg Jets: Who? I think this team folded in the 90’s along with the Whalers. :cryingFTT:

Western Conference, Pacific Division

Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks: For some reason I thought that California had four teams (Sacremento Sting?). Anyhow only one of these teams is allowed to be good at once. It’s not going to be the one coached by Emilio Estevez, or the one Janet Jones’ husband used to play for. I’m sticking with the Sharks to win the Pacific, but probably won’t make it back to the Cup.


Calgary Flames: They’re a young talented team that brought in a decent goaltender (Brian Elliot), so they could actually make some playoff noise. Fun fact: they used to play in Atlanta. No better idea than putting a sport that nobody cares about in a town that doesn’t care about sports.

Edmonton Oilers: “Wayne Gretzky isn’t walking through that door!” “Oh, wait. He’s here?” The Oilers signed Gretzky to some kind of shadowy executive position that hasn’t been determined yet. It worked so well when he was running the Coyotes, what could go wrong?

On the plus side, they do have one of the three best young players in hockey and UFC darling, Connor McDavid.
Hopefully Wayne’s daughter will be dropping by to inspire the team:


Phoenix Coyotes: I’m pretty sure this team was contracted and doesn’t exist anymore.

Vancouver Canucks: Include the Sedin brothers and a couple other talented Euros, just good enough to finish in the middle of the pack, but not good enough for anyone to care. Kind of like this NHL preview.

Keep your head up and your stick down, it's going to be a long, tough season.

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