Get Flyered Up

Re: Get Flyered Up

Postby Iron Mike Sharpe » 02 Apr 2017, 10:15

How soon until someone makes a "Me On Mondays" meme out of that?
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Re: Get Flyered Up

Postby BostonSucksMyBalls » 02 Oct 2017, 11:42

The Flyers open on a West Coast road trip. Nothing gets me more hype as a hockey fan than my team opening the season with multiple 10:30 PM games.

Nice work, Roger.
PS: I will never like July 27th. It will always be the day Reggie died. I just hate this day. True Celtic fans know what I mean.

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Re: Get Flyered Up

Postby The Long Dick of the Law » 25 Oct 2017, 07:10

mister bacon love watching soccer. baseball is about as exciting as scratching my balls.
MisterTambourineMan you're not scratching your balls right, then.
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