MLB 2016 Team Previews

Re: MLB 2016 Team Previews

Postby Rodney Farva » 14 Sep 2016, 21:30

Milwaukee Brewers 71.5 -- Rodney Farva -- UNDER

currently 64-81 (.441). 7-10 (.412) or wurst and i got it. gonna be a barnburner.
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Re: MLB 2016 Team Previews

Postby mj3528 » 19 Sep 2016, 09:28

mj3528 wrote:For so many years of my life the Indians were this:


I think they will have a good year, and at times make me feel like this:


but in the end they will just get my hopes up only to not win a world series yet again and make me feel like this:


But the question is will they win more than 84 games which may make her happy:


Their rotation of Corey Kluber, Dannys Salazar, Carlos Carrasco, Trevor Baur and either Josh Tomlin or Cody Anderson should win almost 60 games themselves.

As long as the middle relief can successfully get the came to closer Cody Allen, another 30 wins seem likely. I trust Tito to put together the bullpen.

Scoring runs is a little scary especially if Michael Brantley is out for a while or is ineffective when he returns.

Regardless I say:


The Indians won their 85th this weekend to make my prediction correct.

Also, the conclusion is unfortunately eerily correct. This has been one of the most fun Indians teams in recent memory, but with them losing Salazar and Carrasco in the last few weeks they have virtually no chance of winning even their first round series.

Rotation of Kluber, Carrasco, Salazar and sometimes Bauer = chance to win World Series

Rotation of Kluber, Bauer, Tomlin, and sometimes Clevinger = early exit of play-offs
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Re: MLB 2016 Team Previews

Postby bosux » 03 Oct 2016, 12:15

bosux wrote:Image

today's rainout allows me to make good

Despite two of our young studs (bird, mitchell) suffering grave injury, I still feel frisky about our chances in the AL Least.

Rotation is OK 1-4...CC looks as fucking useless as he's been over the last 3 years and OF COURSE they reward him with the #5 starter job

Bullpen should be nasty, as discussed.

Lineup will likely be hampered by the human vaginal strain aka jacoby ellsbury at or near the top of the order

I actually like the rest of the lineup, and didi gregorious is my sleeper all star pic...check that, i think chase headley is of the bunch should be ok

Should be an interesting year, but fuckin a this ownership group seems determined to make the stadium experience as expensive and sterile as possible...i might drop my tickets after this year /ctz /yeah ok :eyeroll:

IF they can stay healthy, over 85 wins is EASY money


missed it by one game
by bosux » 02 Mar 2016, 13:34
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Re: MLB 2016 Team Previews

Postby JT99 » 03 Oct 2016, 12:43

JT99 wrote:Let's make the previews really easy this year so, you know, people actually do them.

1. Post 1-3 gifs representing how the team's season will go
2. Post photo of a good-looking person
3. Make a prediction on the over/under

Arizona Diamonbacks 84.5 -- PJ76
Atlanta Braves 65.0 -- Yokel -- UNDER 68-93. You stink!
Baltimore Orioles 80.5 -- Gregs Kite -- SEE CINCINNATI
Boston Red Sox 85.5 -- Frank the Tank -- UNDER 93-69. Non-believer!
Chicago Cubs 89.0 -- BD79 -- OVER 103-58. You're a hero!
Chicago White Sox 80.5 -- NAG
Cincinnati Reds 71.0 -- Clayton Bigsby -- I HAVE NO IDEA
Cleveland Indians 84.0 -- mj3528 -- OVER 94-67. This guy know things!
Colorado Rockies 68.5 -- Goose -- UNDER 75-87. Wrong, Hater!
Detroit Tigers 85.0 -- Prez -- OVER 86-75. Do not question the ump!
Houston Astros 85.5 -- Jike -- OVER 84-78. You suck! (sung to Kurt Angle's music)
Kansas City Royals 87.0 -- the cheese
Los Angeles Angels 82.5 -- LDOT
Los Angeles Dodgers 87.0 -- Courtesy Flush -- OVER 91-71. This kid has got it all!
Miami Marlins 80.5 -- Theny
Milwaukee Brewers 71.5 -- Rodney Farva -- UNDER 73-89. Stick to cricket, Commie!
Minnesota Twins 77.5 -- MTM
New York Mets 88.0 -- chrisco -- PUSH 87-75. Close, but this ain't horseshoes!
New York Yankees 85.0 -- bosux -- OVER 84-78. Homer pick!
Oakland Athletics 75.5 -- Mario Speedwagon
Philadelphia Phillies 66.5 -- Balls -- OVER 71-91. Guy always has faith in his team. Best fans in the East!
Pittsburgh Pirates 87.0 -- Dthefritz -- I HAVE NO IDEA
San Diego Padres 74.0 -- JT99 -- UNDER 68-94. Soothsayer!
San Francisco Giants 90.0 -- oj#'s -- UNDER 87-75. Give this guy a hotline!
Seattle Mariners 83.0 -- Big John Studd
St. Louis Cardinals 87.5 -- Colonel Angus
Tampa Bay Rays 78.0 -- Shamgod
Texas Rangers 86.0 -- ONTB
Toronto Blue Jays 87.0 -- ctz31 -- OVER 89-73. Can't fool this sports fan!
Washington Nationals 87.0 -- nova

Overall record: 8-7 (.533)
AL Record: 3-3 (.500) misses playoffs
NL Record: 4-3 (.571) postseason worthy

BD79 +14
mj3528 +10
JT99 +6
Balls +4
Flush +4
OJ#'s +3
ctz31 +2
Prez +1

Bosux -1
sco -1
Farva -1.5
Jike -1.5
Yokel -3
Goose -6.5
Frank the Tank -7.5
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