The Texas Rangers thread

Re: The Texas Rangers thread

Postby Prez » 23 Mar 2017, 16:42

BostonSucksMyBalls wrote:
Iron Mike Sharpe wrote:Do tell

I don't want to spoil it for you.

On the same episode, they did stories on Juan Dixon and Rick Ankiel, and the bizarre stuff they went thru. Good episode.

Tony LaRussa looks so weird.

Good ep. Agreed on all accounts. Strong rec to those who have HBO.
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Re: The Texas Rangers thread

Postby JT99 » 05 Apr 2017, 06:43

BigJohnStudd wrote:The original Annie movie from the 80s has a lot of panty shots for a PG rated kids film.

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Re: The Texas Rangers thread

Postby mj3528 » 05 Apr 2017, 17:51

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Re: The Texas Rangers thread

Postby CourtesyFlush » 18 May 2017, 14:58

NBD...just a former POTUS photo bombing the Rangers sideline reporter

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Re: The Texas Rangers thread

Postby TheWolf » 18 May 2017, 15:06

She sorta has a Kristin Wiig face.
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Re: The Texas Rangers thread

Postby BostonSucksMyBalls » 18 May 2017, 19:54

What an honor to have W checking out a Phillies beatdown!
PS: I will never like July 27th. It will always be the day Reggie died. I just hate this day. True Celtic fans know what I mean.

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Re: The Texas Rangers thread

Postby chrisco » 18 May 2017, 21:18

Smart use of the napkin to cover up what's in the cup. Do we know what his drink of choice is? I got no idea but am going with a whiskey/soda to pair with the popcorn at his seats.
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