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Postby BostonSucksMyBalls » 11 Dec 2017, 07:22

Gregs Kite wrote:
Dthefritz wrote:
bosux wrote:Mike Stanton! We are going to hit a lot of dingers!

But you know what we won't be doing? Paying luxury tax, thanks to the Marlins picking up $30 mn of the tab.

Did part of your draft of this get cut off? Where's the part of this white hot post that laments yet another example of an ex-player GM (granted, one that's a little different because part of the money he used to buy a team was loaned to him by his former team lol) gifting their former team a one in a generation talent for pennies on the dollar?

Is that coming later? I'll keep refreshing.

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PS: I will never like July 27th. It will always be the day Reggie died. I just hate this day. True Celtic fans know what I mean.

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