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Postby ctz31 » 03 Feb 2017, 18:21

mj3528 wrote:A 1-1 week. I was in Vegas for chip week, and had time to bet the Patriots game, but I did not. Another dumb move by me. Instead, I went and blew money at black jack.


Some people think that the Falcons will run the ball against the Patriots because they will take away Julio Jones. If they do that, they will be unsuccessful. New England's run D is much better than their pass D. They have only gave up 6 rushing TDs this season, that is insane.

Jike has noted that the Falcons D is young. They also are not very good, especially against the run. I expect Belichick to run Blount a lot in the first quarter, the Falcons will try to adjust, and then Brady will kill them with the system rub route passing game.

I don't see this one being close at all.

Take the Pats and give the 3 points.

Last week 1-1

Season 32-28-1


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Postby MisterTambourineMan » 16 Feb 2017, 13:09

It was a bad year for bookies

Cherepinsky put 2016’s Vegas betting lines in historical context: He found that teams favored by six points or more covered nearly 65 percent of the time. That’s the highest win percentage against the spread in over a quarter century. And given the general public’s tendency to bet high-profile favorites, it was very bad news for bookies.
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