Postby Mario Speedwagon » 07 Aug 2015, 19:21

The World Cup starts today.

Personally, if we don't beat New Zealand I think I might kill myself.

Preview assignments below

Australia - me
Ireland - If I have to hear about yer man from Donegal one more time i'll punch the face off ye - 'Sco
Jamaica - MTM - only if he talks about how a nail in Bob Marley's boot gave him Cancer
Malawi - Bald (because I want to see Bald find Malawi on a map)
New Zealand - They wear all black - Bacon
Singapore - I dunno, Coast Guard?
South Africa - Whites and blacks living in "harmony" - Nova
Uganda - lots of places to hide bodies - -BJS
United Kingdom - It Takes a Nation of 4 to hold Australia back - Bix
United States - Farva
Zambia - NAG - good luck
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Re: Netball

Postby babylurch » 07 Aug 2015, 20:38

The Fiji Pearls have their work cut out for them after losing their first game in pool play to Wales.

Taraima Mitchell was 35 of 35 from under the hoop, but a nightmarish second quarter sunk Fiji.


Unfortunately, she seems to the the only one good on the team.


The other people are tall, though.


Good luck Pearls.
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Re: Netball

Postby NotAndyGreenwald » 08 Aug 2015, 12:00

"Currently sitting in 18th position on the World Rankings*, Zambia will make just their second Netball World Cup appearance at NWC2015.
Known as the ‘Chepolopolo’ back home in central Africa, Zambia made their debut World Cup appearance across the Tasman in 1999, when they finished 17th out of 26 participating nations in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Zambia booked their spot in Sydney after finishing second behind Uganda in the African Qualification tournament which was held in Botswana in 2014.
Zambia are one of four African nations that will contest NWC2015; along with Uganda, fifth world-ranked Malawi and sixth-ranked South Africa will also be making the trip to Sydney in August.
*Rankings based on the International Netball Federation’s (INF) current World Rankings as of April 2, 2015."

From Netball world association site. What the fuck is netball, even? Why'd you have to drag me into this, rio? ... eda5_L.jpg (this is a picture of a fistpumping player of the She Cranes.)

FT: Uganda 74-38 Zambia

Making a first Indoor Netball World Cup appearance, the Uganda She Cranes started strongly, getting out to an early 22-10 first quarter lead and did not look back.

The She Cranes won the next three quarters 18-11, 15-9 and 19-8 to beat their Zambian counterparts 74-38 at Netball Central.

Prolific Goal Shooter and skipper Peace Proscovia led the way for She Cranes with 56 goals and a pair of assists. Goal Attack Racheal Nanyonga backed up Proscovia with 10 goals and 7 assists.

from Kawowo sports.

What I can glean is, that Zambia are just happy to be there, suck, and most of all, they play some rando shitty game which I could not care less about, no offence.

I mean, seriously, if I can watch Kevin de Bruyne score with the outside of his foot and even a Lord Bendtner cameo is in the cards, then it means only one thing: The German professional soccer season has started, and until the 4th of September that's all I care about.
Still, doe, I'm happy to have gotten this assignment and am honored that you value my opinion on sports.
mj3528 » 03 Dec 2015, 22:34 something rarely said, but NAG was right.

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Re: Netball

Postby Mario Speedwagon » 08 Aug 2015, 14:08


If I am going to be 100% fleek with you people, I don't really remember starting this netball post. I had a few tinnies last night.

In any case, Australia are the #1 netball squad on earth, doe if the Los Angeles Sparks took 6 months to train, that hold on the title may very well be tenuous.

According to Sky Sports News, I am Australia is the hot favourite for this World Cup, with the lowest ever position since the World Cup started in the 1960's being 2nd.

The wife of the Utah Jazz's best player, Joe Ingles, Renae Hallinan is the best player apparently, doe I could just be making up anything at this stage.

This is the hottest player on the team, w/e:


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Re: Netball

Postby Clayton Bigsby » 08 Aug 2015, 17:29

United Kingdom of Great Britain and NORTHERN Ireland


They are called the Roses. I guess Elton John was full of shite when he said that Princess Diana was England's rose. Bitch never played a game of netball in her (tragically short) life.

The Roses have never won the world cup, but have been in the medals five times in the first 14 cups. Could this be their time??? All signs point to MAYBE. Expect them to cruise through Pool B before facing either the Mario Speedwagons or the Flightless in Whitikahus in the next round. If they can take them out, the sky's the limit.

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