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Postby Prez » 10 Apr 2017, 09:14

Briandong79 wrote:
Prez wrote:So far on the season, we've raised nearly $400 for our team party, so that will be fun. We do have fun.

How do you raise money through a darts league?

When anyone on my team shoots an all-star, everyone else on the team owes .50 cents towards the party fund. Over the course of the season the average amount collected per person is about $55. (55x7= $385). The guys with less all-stars owe a little more, the guys with more all-stars owe a little less. $400 is plenty of cash for booze and food for 7 guys. One of the guys is a chef, so he usually hosts the party at his house and does the cooking. Good times.

Each team owes $150 per season to the league but that is always paid by the sponsoring bar. There is zero cost to play in the league beyond your weekly bar tab.
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