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Postby Rodney Farva » 27 Feb 2017, 11:15

Frank the Tank wrote:
Rodney Farva wrote:
Mario Speedwagon wrote:Six Nations starts today. Myself, and possibly Rod are the only people who would be interested.

Put your house on this being the final standings:


as always rooting for ABE but will pull hardest to the Scots. caught last 25 minutes of today's match in the airport and glad to see them get the win. hoping the games will be on the channel in India that occasionally shows rugby.

Italy says "wait just a minute, we think we've figured out how to fuck things up."

rugby peeps are all abuzz about this. lots of lulz over england's captain asking the ref what to do.

fuck it, italy tries to play englad straight up and they get creamed. some think it was too clever but it was within the rules, had been done before, and england did the right thing by adjusting and still winning big. i'm sure the rules will change soon enough to make that strategy illegal, but for now party on, azzurri.
You coin contrarian bro and say shit nonsense like this.
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