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Postby Frank the Tank » 26 Nov 2017, 13:43

mj3528 wrote:Tank, thoughts?

I actually remember Shuster, I think in the 2010 Olympics and he seemed horrible.


Nina Roth looks cute.

This is Shuster's fourth olympics. He's lost thirty pounds this time around. There's no stars in waiting, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. He was on the bronze-medal winning team in Torino, but he was actually removed as skip in either Vancouver or Sochi (I forget) because his shooting percentage was so so so bad.

I've only seen Nina Roth curl a little bit on the TV. We needed a change even more desperately on the women's side than we did the men's side. Remember in Sochi when Great Britain hung a 7-end on are team (see photo)? Guh. With expectations so low, I think the Roth Rink should be better than past USA teams. I still don't see either side making the medal round doe.

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