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Postby chrisco » 06 Apr 2017, 09:35

Ok folks, its time for my Frozen Four predictions. This post is slightly better than Theny's work in the Masters thread, but below Coon Chicken so set expectations accordingly.

Notre Dame vs. Denver

One of these teams is the fourth best team in Hockey East, the other is the best team in the country. I've seen the fourth best team in Hockey East play maybe 3 or 4 times this year (thanks NBCSN!) and Denver play one period.

Denver should absolutely murder them. I've seen nothing from Notre Dame suggesting they have the skills to keep up with these guys. They've strung together a nice run of gritty late season play that's gotten them wins in ugly fashion, but they don't have the horses here and this is where class matters (its a horse racing term not a socio economic judgement about Olive Garden people!).

Harvard vs UMD

I've seen both of these teams play. One is the second best team in the country, the other is the third best team in the country. Which is which depends on the week, but right now Harvard is playing at an elite level and UMD didn't impress me in their OT win over my Terriers. I think this will come down to style of play and energy (yes a generic cop out when you don't know personnel that well), or if Madsen continues his stellar play for the Crimson.

Also we need to note the Donato storyline here. The dad is the coach and was a key guy on their last chip in 89(?), and the son is prettay good.

Since its all about Boston, we give the edge to Harvard here.

Chip Game: Denver vs Harvard

This will be a damn good game, and I am sorta regretting that I'll miss it to head to Citi to see Thor. Slight edge to Denver, but the sentiment will be for Harvard.

I'm going Denver here.
BostonSucksMyBalls - Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:03 am: I listen bc ive listened for about 25 years. I need to see this stupid thing thru.
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