Soonering is the new Clemsoning. Jesus Christ.

Re: Soonering is the new Clemsoning. Jesus Christ.

Postby MisterTambourineMan » 05 Nov 2017, 09:25

Cowboying is the new Soonering. Shoulda known better, whenever those T.Boone fucks have a chance for a big time, program changing, national championship potential aiding win they piss themselves like a 2 year old.

Mason Rudolph looks like he needs electroshock therapy.

Justice Hill is the the truth.
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Re: Soonering is the new Clemsoning. Jesus Christ.

Postby Briandong79 » 29 Nov 2017, 10:34

Oklahoma losing the Big 12 Title Game and getting themselves knocked out of the playoffs would be one of the most Oklahoma things ever. I am kind of cheering for it (though, to keep it 100, I like the top 4 teams right now and would like the playoffs to stay as is).
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