College Baseball

Re: College Baseball

Postby the cheese » 11 Jul 2016, 12:52

SouthernYokel wrote:
the cheese wrote:
SouthernYokel wrote:
the cheese wrote:
SouthernYokel wrote:
Rodney Farva wrote:for those of you who follow college baseball, i'm sure there's nothing new in this, but for me


yeah title IX fucked baseball the hardest.

Title IX fucked wrestling the hardest :sniff: Schools still play baseball. Nobody has a wrestling team or a swim team or a men's soccer team anymore.

(nobody cares about rasslin swimmin or soccer)

(nobody cares about college baseball either)

(fuck you)

(fuck me? fuck you. seriously doe, is that what you told tits last night after walking 12km with your kid in south cackylacky in july heat and she gave you shit when you wanted to play skyrim?)
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Re: College Baseball

Postby Iron Mike Sharpe » 11 Jul 2016, 12:52

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Re: College Baseball

Postby Rodney Farva » 11 Jul 2016, 13:23

(shit getting real in here)
You coin contrarian bro and say shit nonsense like this.
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Re: College Baseball

Postby Goose » 15 Feb 2017, 16:58

Not sure if it was worth it, but I found the College Baseball thread.

Arizona Wildcats do Major League:

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