Moment of Truth

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Moment of Truth

Postby ChiTown » 17 Mar 2008, 18:00

Has anyone else seen this show? I dunno about you guys but watching people destroy their careers/families/relationships on national TV has now overtaken the Maury paternity test shows as the guilty pleasure of the day.

Especially the bleach blonde slut on the fifth episode.
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Re: Moment of Truth

Postby Ogie Oglethorpe » 17 Mar 2008, 18:25

I think it's fake.
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Re: Moment of Truth

Postby DirtDawg » 29 Mar 2008, 23:17

Ogie Oglethorpe wrote:I think it's fake.

Definitely fake.
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Re: Moment of Truth

Postby Frank the Tank » 31 Mar 2008, 14:00

DirtDawg wrote:
Ogie Oglethorpe wrote:I think it's fake.

Definitely fake.

I don't think so. Standards and Practices at these shows take these things very seriously ever since the quiz show scandals of a half-century ago. You need to be escorted to the bathroom to make sure you don't accidentally run into someone who's seen the questions and answers before a taping.
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Re: Moment of Truth

Postby Bricks » 02 Apr 2008, 22:37

wow, I saw this show for the first time tonight. What a steaming pile of shit.
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