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Re: 2016 Fantasy Baseball

Postby MisterTambourineMan » 31 Mar 2017, 10:02

Buddy roped me into a league because WOLF LET OURS DIE and the draft was last night. I forgot until someone texted me 5 minutes before it and then ESPN was dicking around and I got my first pick (which was second overall) auto drafted to Altuve. Yay? I dunno, I might've picked him anyway.

C- JT Realmuto - who the fuck is this guy?
1B - Chris Carter - chicks love the long ball
2B - Altuve
3B - Alex Bregman - There's a real resurgence of white guys
SS - Corey Seager - see???? Got him in the second and was like fuck it I'm winning
1B/3B - Miguel Sano - a friend snaked Buxton just before this and texted me he'd trade me Buxton for Thor. I thought about it.
OF - Billy Hamilton - and Peggy.
OF - JBJ - I had a theory, "when in doubt, take Cubs, Sawx, or Stros"
OF - David Dahl - white dudes can rake.
OF - Jason Heyward - Yeah, that theory wasn't always well-played. BUT HE'S OVERHAULED HIS SWING RIGHT?! waiver'd
OF - Jorge Soler - With regular playing time, ehhhhh?
UTIL - Yulieski Gurriel - Cubans.
P - Thor
P- Cueto
P - Chapman
P - Britton - there wasn't any starters I liked, it's a deep pool, said fuck it and went ham on saves
P - Stroman
P - Grienke - his head's out of his ass, right?
P - Fulmer
P - Harvey - his head's out of his, right?
P - Keuchel - I remember thinking, why is he still here? Am I with idiots? Am I the idiot?
P - Feliz - ham on saves
P - Rodon
P - Urias - and then I saw he was optioned to AAA so yes, I'm the idiot.
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Re: 2016 Fantasy Baseball

Postby Briandong79 » 31 Mar 2017, 10:07

Never heard of your catcher.

Is Carter even going to play?

The rest of your infield is stacked. Puerto Rico in the WBC level stacked.

Keuchel's numbers last year were horrible. But you've got some upside there with your starters.
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Re: 2016 Fantasy Baseball

Postby BostonSucksMyBalls » 31 Mar 2017, 10:23

Did any Phillies get drafted? Are any of them on your team?
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