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Postby Dr Jeckyll » 16 Oct 2017, 15:25

Dr Jeckyll wrote:you know what really grinds my gears? there always has to be some clown in every fantasy football league complaining about how injuries decimate his team and he's lost all hope, even a few weeks into the season, smh. as if every team doesn't lose people along the way. the worst is if they give up on the season and stop trying, which makes the league less fun for everyone. thanks, jerks. noone likes a whiner, and yes i realize the :19: in saying that considering the tone of this post :D

had someone agree to a trade by text today so i proposed it on yahoo. then they're like kelce's underperforming and too inconsistent so nah. so why'd you agree to the trade in the first place? it's not as bad as whining about injuries but still perplexing:/
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Re: Random Thoughts - Fantasy Sports Edition

Postby TheWolf » 16 Oct 2017, 15:30

That's a bitch move. He agreed to the trade, he should do it.
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Re: Random Thoughts - Fantasy Sports Edition

Postby Mario Speedwagon » 14 Nov 2017, 01:44

These are the cunce that I hate the most in fantasy: the ones that individually Whatsapp you some random chatter outside of the league’s group & then about 4 messages in start asking about players (Ajayi in this case). You then agree a trade & then silence. I can see those two blue ticks, mate. I KNOW you read the message. Then conveniently just after the deadline they say something like “Ah, I can’t do that, but how about Ajayi for [some piece of shite player who I had to google b/c I’ve never heard of him] instead”. The worse
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Re: Random Thoughts - Fantasy Sports Edition

Postby Frank the Tank » 05 Dec 2017, 10:01

I feel the need to confess. I have whined many times about the year in the SOTSG league where I led the league in points but failed to make the playoffs. Well, this year I snuck into the playoffs in one league with a losing record and the second-fewest points scored. I was looking at that squad today, and while I’d love to say it was my late season managing prowess that snuck me into the playoffs after being 3-7, upon further review I must admit it was pure dumb luck. This team should be in the consolation bracket, but thanks to two dominant teams and no team with fewer than four wins, the clusterfuck at 4-9 and 5-8 allowed this statistical anomaly to happen. I’m playing the second-highest point total team in week 14, and they’re beasting every single week. I’ll probably win. I hope to ride this team to the title of most undeserving fantasy football champion of all time. Anyway, just felt I needed to acknowledge that karma has paid me back for missing the playoffs that year in the SOTSG league and we’re square now.
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