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PostPosted: 20 Mar 2017, 18:09
by SouthernYokel
Dthefritz wrote:
SouthernYokel wrote:
SouthernYokel wrote:
mister bacon wrote:
SouthernYokel wrote:I just discovered Paul Scheer's "How Did That Get Made?" It's a roundtable discussion on the faults/merits of a particular shitty movie. I listened to the one about Dreamcatcher and i'm halfway through the one about Bloodsport. They're pretty long, 90 minutes-ish. It's really funny though, have very much enjoyed it. It's been around for a long time so there are a lot of episodes about movies i've seen...i am not sure how funny it would be if i had not seen the movie they're talking about. So this might be a short term thing.

wow i need to listen to the bloodsport one. one of my favorite movies. great!

they spend a very long time discussing the physics of why exactly does Jean Claude need to pull up his underpants before pulling them off to show us his sweet sweet french butt.

Ok i just listened to the Con Air one. My face hurts i laughed at this so hard. New favorite podcast

I stopped with these while back, because there were too many movies I either hadn't seen or wasn't willing to laugh at for 90 minutes. However a bunch of them are pure brilliance and Con Air is right in the wheelhouse. Again, it's been a while but I also remember Demolition Man and Wild Wild West being highly entertaining.

Yeah, no chance i listen to one about a movie i havent seen. But when i have, its gold

Re: Other Podcasts

PostPosted: 21 Mar 2017, 14:52
by chrisco
Xpost to wherever I bitched about Spotify yesterday....I was catching up on Crimetown on my walk in this morning on my phone. Get into the office and try to pull it up on my laptop's Spotify and it returns no results. SMH....

Anyway I am somewhat surprised at the staying power of this podcast. I'm in the Savings and Loan scandal and still enjoying it.