Bill Simmons- IMDB Superstar

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Bill Simmons- IMDB Superstar

Postby Teen Wolf » 12 May 2009, 15:15

I don't know that this is worthy of its own thread, but I didn't know where to put it.
If you haven't checked out Simmons IMDB page, I suggest you meander over to the message board. There are only 19 total threads, so it makes for a quick entertaining read.

Mixed in with thread titles like "Sports Guy is a Homo for real" and "Best NBA sportswriter ever" are these gems:
"If the Sports Dork was a professional wrestler, he would be Val Venis. The guy had a red-hot gimmick to start, drew some heat, but quickly faded away to oblivion as a mid-card curtain jerker."

"what's so interesting about some dork who needs to grab a towel everytime he mentions larry bird's name"

Bill Simmons related website...
If you like to chat about sports, music, pop culture, and various inane topics, come check it out.

Or if you hate the Sports Guy you can check out:
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