LDOtL Presents: The Gregg Easterbrook Thread

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Re: LDOtL Presents: The Gregg Easterbrook Thread

Postby Goose » 06 Oct 2017, 15:03

Thank you for your service. I would never read another Easterbrook column, so I enjoy the breakdown.
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Re: LDOtL Presents: The Gregg Easterbrook Thread

Postby The Long Dick of the Law » 10 Oct 2017, 13:15

Note to readers: Last weekend I attended a ceremonial event, and paid no attention to sports. But how can you miss me when I won’t go away? Please note that I wrote today’s column in advance, not knowing what happened last weekend in sports or current events.

Probably will be his most informed column to date! Also, no podcast so let's see what crap we get this week.

In our increasingly polarized society, too often discussion is compressed into “for” and “against” positions. But a person can endorse or admire something while simultaneously feeling change is needed.

Gregggggggggg comes here and saw Gargs' Trump/NRA position...

and the rest is just a buncha rehashed shit on CTE stuff... yay?
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