HBO's Most Hated Employee Writes A Mailbag

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Re: HBO's Most Hated Employee Writes A Mailbag

Postby BostonSucksMyBalls » 15 Sep 2017, 12:53

Briandong79 wrote:
The Long Dick of the Law wrote:Harrison Ford went Empire, Raiders, Blade Runner, ROTJ, Temple of Doom, 5 in a row

And then Witness, give him 6. It had Kelly McGillis's tits in it.

ETA: Cazale is the answer though.

YEah, definitely. Cazale.
PS: I will never like July 27th. It will always be the day Reggie died. I just hate this day. True Celtic fans know what I mean.

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Re: HBO's Most Hated Employee Writes A Mailbag

Postby ctz31 » 15 Sep 2017, 12:55

You guys have terrible taste in movies. Oof.
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Re: HBO's Most Hated Employee Writes A Mailbag

Postby jman » 15 Sep 2017, 13:00

And she flipped her relationship with ESPN—now, the company needs Jemele Hill more than she needs the company.

This may be the stupidest thing he's written. Does he really think ESPN is dumb enough to assume anyone gives a shit about her thoughts on sports, and she will still be relevant when this all dies down (which will be in about 2 days)? Or they feel there is a future in parading her out as a SJW?

Dthefritz wrote:
Q: Thank you for so many things, but I'm truly grateful for seeing the "Don't Give Up" video with Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. I can't even begin to argue against that as being in the top 5 strangest videos of the ’80s. I'm curious, what other four make that list complete?
—Kevin Claunch, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Please tell us more about the 1980's and how different it was from today. There isn't enough of that going around.

In fairness to Kevin, he is from Grand Rapids, MI
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Re: HBO's Most Hated Employee Writes A Mailbag

Postby Gregs Kite » 15 Sep 2017, 14:42

BS: If Goodell ran the NBA..... and nobody would ever test positive for PEDs. Whoops, that last one is already happening.

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Re: HBO's Most Hated Employee Writes A Mailbag

Postby PhillyJim76 » 15 Sep 2017, 14:42

His readers don't know what teasers are? He praises Jemele Hill?
Fuck this loser right in the face
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Re: HBO's Most Hated Employee Writes A Mailbag

Postby Goose » 22 Sep 2017, 11:08

I like the thread title. Remember when The Sports Guy used to make jokes about how ArliSS was the unfunniest sports/comedy show on HBO?


Man, those were the good old days.

What happened?


Oh, yeah.

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