Does Bill Approve of Ainge Standing Pat? Mailbag 2/24!

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Re: Does Bill Approve of Ainge Standing Pat? Mailbag 2/24!

Postby ctz31 » 03 Mar 2017, 09:33

Gregs Kite wrote:
Dthefritz wrote:
Gregs Kite wrote:
Dthefritz wrote:
Q: You never wrote exactly what you would have given up for Paul George or Jimmy Butler. What’s the most you would have done?
— Big Mac, Cambridge
BS: Does it even matter?

Guy asks question about something that happened in sports a day ago: "It's hypothetical, no point in exploring it."

This is actually a good point. I....I have nothing snarky to say in response.

Dthefritz wrote:
[after ranking the top trade assets] That’s 40 guys in all. Thirteen are off the table; 14 if you include Wall. The Celtics kicked the tires on the best two “not completely untradable” guys left, balked at the prohibitive price, then said to themselves, “If we overpay for George or Butler, that can’t even guarantee us a spot in the 2017 Finals.

So, the Celtics couldn’t win the 2017 finals if they add a top-10 player, but they’re a contender. Got it.

Be honest, you know there's a difference in the NBA between being a contender and being an actual title contender.

Right now, Cousins guarantees you nothing other than fantasy stats, headlines and technicals.

Boy, he flip-flopped on Cousins HARD once he realized Boston wasn’t getting him. He was in full-fangirl mode for 6 solid years, and boom. Skip Bayless Time! I WILL INSULT FANTASY SPORTS SO PEOPLE KNOW I HAVE SUBSTANCE AND DEPTH AS A PERSON.

Fan of team acts like a fan of a team and changes his opinion of a player once his team doesn't acquire him. SHOCKING.

Q: Am I wrong to think that Golden State would rather get gonorrhea than New Orleans in Round 1?

Yes! Gonorrhea is quite painful and New Orleans is a basketball team that they will beat in Round 1 if they face them.

Something you wanna share with the class?

TY for acknowledging my good point.

TBH, I don't know what you mean by the difference between contender and "actual title contender". I guess you mean teams that could potentially win the title if wacky things happen and the whole team catches fire at the right time, like say the 2011 Mavs. However, I would not put the Celtics in that category. I need to see them do something in the playoffs first. If they make the conference finals or at least put a scare into a real contender in round 2 (like the 2013 warriors/spurs series), then we can safely stick them there.

As for cousins, I'm obviously not shocked by his flip flop, but I think it's amusing given how hard and how long he pumped him up.

A contender's ceiling is a fun, maybe improbable run to the conference finals, where they get whacked by an actual title contender.

Also, the gonorrhea. Sup?

What you described is not a contender. Look it up on Actually don't, i did and i dont' think any of us use contender right.

a person or group competing with others to achieve something.

Ok, so that is every team in the league. Good talk see you out there.
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Re: Does Bill Approve of Ainge Standing Pat? Mailbag 2/24!

Postby Dthefritz » 05 Mar 2017, 23:59

I have to agree with my man CTZ here. The word doesn't have a technical meaning that matches with how it's used, leading to all kinds of unnecessary confusion. True Rudolf Carnap fans know what I mean.
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