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Postby CourtesyFlush » 06 Mar 2017, 10:27

MisterTambourineMan wrote:
JT99 wrote:
Dthefritz wrote:
Incogneetus69 wrote:Wilbon isn't even a fun dickhead. He doesn't wink at the camera like cowherd or Bayless. He's just this old mean get off my lawn humorless asshole

He is a perennial candidate for least likable sports media figure, which is a pretty crowded field. That said, Simmons being treated with complete contempt, regardless of it being by an even bigger prick, was amusing to me.

That's a race for the Silver Medal



I was gonna say Albom but it really is hard to top Lupica's particular brand of douchebaggery.

Oooooh this would be a good tournament.....

JT tourney ass--most hateable ESPN personality. Can be current or former. This is con_tent gold.
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